About Ranya 

Who am I?

I'm a curious person who, as part of a graduate school opportunity, walked into my first manufacturing clean room and came to a dead stop.  Astounded by the array of machinery and assembly line processes that allowed a monomer/polymer to enter the front-end of the assembly line and come out the back-end a packaged contact lens, I became hooked. I wanted to know everything about how it all worked.

What have I done?

After a number of years doing lots of task analysis, redesigning work processes, designing and developing training and trainers, I landed a new project with a Fortune 50 company in the "deregulation" era, when insurance companies were allowed to sell financial services products for the first time. In this environment, I designed and developed curricula while learning about large-scale change and how to transition a sales force through a major disruption.

What else have I done?

In 2001, I took a giant leap of faith and left the country for a year to live and work in Ecuador. This experience brought texture to my life and a cross-cultural mindset to my work. Upon my return to Chicago, I was invited to a project that needed a Spanish speaking Instructional Designer. (You just can't plan this kind of thing!). You can read about that project here.

Who have I become?

I've worked across industries, companies and cultures. I've acted as instructional designer, director, consultant, change agent, bridge-builder, listener, visionary, sleeves-rolled-up marathoner, task-master, coach and friend. I've been relentless at times, scared at others, yet I always find a home base in learning and compassion for the journey of growth. I owe a huge amount of debt and gratitude to those in the Acknowledgments section that have helped me learn and grow. 



These are the people who have helped shape my ideas—and taught me a thing or two along the way.

Gary Henderson

Gary introduced me about Thomas Gilbert and performance engineering, two game-changing concepts that advocate 1) environment is more powerful than the individual performer; and 2) training fits into a larger context that can be strategically analyzed and approached. Gary provided the opportunity for me to practice full-cycle training from assessment through evaluation, and coached me along the way.

Rebecca Adler

Early on my career path, Rebecca Adler taught me that technology was my friend. Without knowing it, she validated a hunch that beautiful design was more than just aesthetics; it's a powerful engagement tool. I owe my friendship with ever-changing technology and its requirements to Rebecca.

Beth Jandernoa

Beth Jandernoa, Glennifer Gillespie, Barbara Cecil, and Serena Newby are women of enormous wisdom and mentors whom I  met when I newly become a consultant. They pioneered spirit-centered leadership development work for women out of the Ashland Institute. From them, I learned about Dialogue, female-centric leadership and a possibility of being that did not exist prior to our encounter. I am forever grateful for this pivotal experience.

Bruce McDonald

Bruce McDonald taught me the Structured On-the-Job Training model and helped cement the model into my repertoire. He generously passed his masterful baton to me.

Barbara Provost

Barbara Provost, once a client and then a business partner, has long demonstrated female-centric leadership. She also helped me develop the muscle to navigate in tricky situations.