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Navigating Bias in the Workplace: Self-Sponsored Workarounds for a Current Reality

  • Next Door 659 West Diversey Parkway, Red and Blue Rooms Chicago, IL, 60614 United States (map)


As American workplaces become increasingly more multicultural, multi-generational, multi-ethnic and multi-accommodating, organizations are compelled to address the complications inherent in “persistent perceptions” of their workforce.  Unfortunately, the reality of bias, learned-behavior, and long-held perceptions, is that they seemingly have no end in the foreseeable future.

When navigating persistent perceptions in complex workplaces, people have overcome these barriers by creating their own self-authored and self-empowered strategies – easier said than, done. Now, these brave forerunners hold elite positions within their organizations. They have done the hard work of confronting unfavorable persistent perceptions while managing to navigate their careers in their favor. Research has shown us that there is a pattern of self-sponsored workarounds that can be taught and learned.

Dr. Edith Coleman Chears, based on her extensive research, will share success patterns, enlivening stories and approaches that can be used to navigate in corporate complexity while empowering yourself and your career.


  1. Understand the truth about persisting perceptions (bias).

  2. Realize the importance of a self-empowered approach and discover your self-authored personal power.

  3. Gain awareness in order to recognize persistent perceptions.

  4. Walk away with tips to sit in the driver’s seat towards self-sponsored success!


Edith Coleman Chears, Ph.D., Organizational Leadership

Edith Coleman Chears, Ph.D., Organizational Leadership

Edie is an accomplished transactional and transformational leader, training manager, and organizational role model with many years of corporate leadership and training experience. Expanding her knowledge of organizational leadership, Edie earned a Ph.D. in 2017.  Her research focused on “Navigating Bias in the Workplace” and “Advancing Women’s Leadership.”  

Edie is the President and Senior Training Consultant, of Mind Over Matter Instruction, Inc. (MOMI – pronounced Mommy).  She is an instructional designer, facilitator, trainer and former Adjunct Professor (National Louis and Northeastern IL universities).  With 22+ years of training experience, Edie is committed to women and men’s leadership, in harnessing the ancillary skills of awareness and utilizing tacit knowledge of strategies/tactics/tools for navigating the realities of long-term bias in American workplaces. Lastly, Edie enjoys her Visiting Scholar appointment within a community of scholars at the Women’s Studies Research Center (WSRC) – Brandeis University, Waltham, MA.

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