Rapid Course Design


Horce Mann is an insurance company that sells auto, home and property insurance, life insurance, and retirement annuities for teachers and educators, based in Springfield, Illinois.


Horace Mann had new leadership at the helm with ambitious goals to grow their business.  They recognized that their new agent sales training could be improved to better help agents meet their sales goals.

They reached out to us to quickly build an enhanced and performance-based new agent training program that would allow their agents to launch successfully and meet their sales goals.


We were tasked with revising a full 5-day ILT course on a seven week deadline. This kind of turnaround is generally unheard of. I managed the internal project team and the client team of SMEs and stakeholders as we worked remotely.


We designed a 2-day client rapid design session where we worked with the client team to craft a high-level design that we could use as a template for rapid development. We crafted a high-level design, a project charter, and norms for working together.

For rapid development, we met with our internal project team and quickly established:

  • file naming conventions,
  • a project plan and work schedule,
  • standard for writing and course continuity, and
  • internal work processes to ensure quality.

Deliverables included:

  • A facilitator’s Guide
  • Participant materials
  • PowerPoint slides
  • A materials spreadsheet (to keep all the materials straight)


As reported by class facilitators, the flow of the content, activities, and exercises engaged the agents at a new level. “They even follow the scripting during the role-play!”

After six months, in the client survey results, customers began to rate agents higher on product knowledge.