Professional Services

Guiding Principles

  1. Effective learning and development (L&D) strategies drive business results.

  2. Adapting L&D to our always-on, multi-device toting workforce is harder than ever, and an exciting design challenge.

  3. Technology is driving unprecedented change that is influencing the learning market and how we learn.

  4. While facilitated learning will not go away, there is a downward trend of face-to-face classroom training. This business constraint means that effective learning design, is more important than ever.

  5. Impactful learning design is no longer about "chapterizing" or "modularizing," rather, it's about learner-driven experiences where "context is queen."

  6. Powerful learning design is collaborative and iterative.

  7. Training is only part of the solution. Effective learning is supported with other performance improvement interventions that are heralded by the organization.

  8. Great storytelling will always move people!

  9. Learning environments encourage mistake-making, while performance environments encourage quality and accuracy. These environments are distinct.

  10. Effective learning is natural and fun!


How I can help

Are you are asking these questions?
I have answers.

I want my employees or leaders to do something. How can we help get them there?

Whether its a job analysis, gap analysis, needs assessment or another kind of assessment, I can help you understand your "gap" and recommend a strategic learning and communications path to get there. I've got tools, tips and tricks in my back pocket to match your culture and budget. Crafty, creative and mindful, I'll chart the course, create a framework for learning and link it to business results.

I've got a concept and I need to develop it. What does that take?

You've got the overall concept or content and ideas for a learning plan, I've got the tools and expertise to guide you down the development path and ensure learning is tied to organizational impact. With well honed processes I can instructionally design and develop a quality course, program or curriculum that meets the mark. Your materials will look "dy-no-mite" and your learners will be engaged. 

We're a small company and we need help developing our people. How can we grow?

You've got a small HR department, or no HR department, but your employees need safety, compliance, operations training, leadership development, or in-house training skills. Your employees need to see a path for growth within the organization.  My team and I can design custom training or blend a curriculum with custom and off-the-shelf courses that will fit your budget and growth plans. I work with a team of expert colleagues that have developed strong working relationships and efficient processes over time. 

We're growing and we need to train trainers or make sure our employees and leaders can keep up with the pace of organizational growth. Where do we start?

New market, new vertical, new processes, more work—we've got this. My team and I will work with your team to figure out how to best partner and lend the muscle and expertise needed to design new programs, shape up old ones, or mix and match.  We'll work with your subject matter experts to derive the content, do the research, bring our own well tested activities and then design for maximum learner engagement.  

All of our solutions see results!